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What is the difference between car rental and a Tax Free car?

What is the CDW?

What is TP/TW ?

What is the PAI or PI and WWI?

What are the deductible amounts?

For rentals of less than 14 days, is it possible to buy the franchise?

From what age can we rent a vehicle?

Can I book a specific model or a specific motorisation?

Can I add other drivers? What would be the cost?

Can I return the vehicle in a different city?

How can I cancel a booking?

How to change a reservation?

Which countries are included in my contract?

Who do I contact in case of breakdown or accident?

What documents do I need to rent a vehicle?

I have not yet received confirmation.

How can I make a complaint?

What is a "voucher"?

What is the meaning of "Pay at the Agency"?

Can I use my wife's/husband's credit card to pay for my booking?

What are the payment methods accepted by Key Services?

What are the payment methods accepted by the rental companies?

How can I make a booking online?

My booking has a length of over 13 days, from how many days. Will I pay deductible in case of accident?


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