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I have paid for my order, is it final

No, vehicle availability changes every day (sometimes every hour).

We try to keep the availability up to date as much as possible, but it sometimes happens that, between the time you ordered and paid for your reservation, the vehicle is no longer available.

You will then be offered two choices:

  • Another vehicle, you accept it and pay or will be refunded the difference in price
  • A refund of the amount you have paid us (the refund can take up to 21 working days, depending on your bank)
Specificity of Portugal

Vehicles in temporary transit can only circulate in Portugal for a maximum of 90 days.

Customers who take delivery of their vehicles in Portugal and return them in Portugal cannot have a contract of more than 90 days.

To circulate in Portugal, vehicles in Temporary Transit need a customs document, the "Guia de Circulação".

Customers taking delivery of their vehicles in Portugal must, upon arrival, submit to the delivery center:

  • a power of attorney (ask us)
  • a copy of the registration certificate
  • a copy of the passport
  • the vehicle invoice

The delivery center is responsible for making the customs document for the customers. The customs document is registered directly on a platform only accessible to the Authorities.

For customers taking delivery outside Portugal, they can only circulate in Portugal for a maximum of 90 days and must also go to a customs office upon their arrival on Portuguese territory and request the document, or contact the delivery centers in Porto or Lisbon, which can take care of the procedures for the customers.

If an authority agent, during a check, stops the vehicle and realizes that it does not have the customs document, he will ask the customer to go to a Customs office to make the "Guia de Circulação" document within the following 48 hours.

What is TT ?

Temporary transit is a customs and tax provision that allows any person residing outside the community territory to have a new vehicle during their stay in Europe and to acquire it, exempt from customs duties and VAT.

You will thus benefit from a specific French registration allowing free circulation in Europe.

To learn more about Temporary Transit, we invite you to consult our explanatory page.⬇️

Understanding TT
Compare the avantages of the TT with a standard rental?
To learn about all the benefits of Temporary Transit, and the difference between TT and car rental, we invite you to visit our dedicated page ⬇️

Avantages & Comparisons
Who can benefit for TT?
To find out if you are eligible for Temporary Transit, we invite you to visit our page explaining the access conditions. ⬇️

The access conditions for  TT
What are the accepted payment methods ?
Your payment can only be made on our website by Visa or Mastercard. Bank transfer is also accepted.
What are the booking deadlines for a tax free vehicle ?
Due to administrative procedures, the reservation must be made at least 3 weeks before the car is delivered.
How much does the delivery and return of my vehicle cost?

In France, the delivery and return of the vehicle are free of charge (as well as in Geneva).

In the rest of Europe, rates vary depending on the country and the manufacturers..
Is the vehicle delivered with a safety kit(vest, triangle, etc..)?
For all deliveries made in France, a safety kit will be provided with the vehicle.
Are the vehicle accessories at my expense (snow tires, baby seat, bike rack etc..) ?

When you make your reservation, you can purchase accessories and have them delivered with the requested vehicle.

The price of the accessories is included in the breakdown of your reservation and will be included in the total amount to be paid. The request for accessories must be indicated on the reservation form and on the order form and cannot be made after the delivery of the vehicle

Can I request that my vehicle be delivered with snow tires?
No, however, if you wish to equip your vehicle with snow tires, this operation will be at your expense. The vehicle must be returned with the original tires.
How does the delivery of my vehicle take place  ?

You are expected to personally be present at the time and place scheduled for your delivery, as indicated on your order form.

Note: For appointments without flight details, you will be waited for a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the scheduled time. In case of a flight change or appointment schedule change, you must inform your delivery center.

Warning: Only the contract holder (their name appears on the vehicle registration certificate) or their spouse or partner with a power of attorney can take delivery of the vehicle.

Can the vehicle be delivered to my hotel ?
No. No delivery outside of the centers listed on our website is accepted. All vehicles are delivered to train stations or airports, depending on our clients' point of arrival.except in Paris for an extra cost of 150 euros

Is it possible to modify or cancel an order after payment?
Renault and Dacia :

Any cancellation of an order arriving 31 days or more before the delivery date: €50 cancellation fee.

Any cancellation of an order arriving 30 days or less before the delivery date: €1000 (excluding VAT) cancellation fee will be charged by the manufacturer.

Any modification of an order sent less than 30 working days before the delivery date will be subject to prior approval by the maker

Peugeot, Citroen et DS :

Cancellation of an order for an unregistered vehicle up to 30  days before the delivery date : 50 € cancellation fee

Cancellation of an order for an unregistered vehicle 30 days or  less before the delivery date: €300 (excluding VAT) cancellation fee will be charged by the maker
Any cancellation of an order for a vehicle that is already registered : 1000 Euros (excluding VAT) will be charged by the maker

Any change of name of the contract : € 150 fee charge by the maker

Late arrival of the documents for registration : 50 € fee charge by the maker

Reminder : All the documents must be available 31 days before the delivery date.

NoteIn case of missing documents, delivery may be delayed without the possibility of refunding the unused days


A vehicle left outside an approved return location is considered an abandoned vehicle.

If the vehicle is abandoned in the same city as the originally planned return center, the customer will be charged for all the actual costs incurred by the transport, in addition to ancillary fees (parking, storage, etc.) established by the manufacturer.

In addition to these actual costs, if the vehicle is abandoned in any other location, the customer will have to pay a fixed penalty fee of €400 if the vehicle is in France, and €600 if the vehicle is abroad.

How to extend my contract?
At least 7 days before the end of your contract please call :


France: 01 76 84 99 00
From Abroad : +33 1 76 84 99 00

Peugeot :

France : 01 49 04 81 18 / 82 44
From abroad : +33 1 49 04 81 18 / 82 44

Citroën :

France : 01 53 04 34 80
From abroad : +33 1 53 04 34 80

DS :

France : 01 40 71 72 43 / 57
From abroad : +33 1 40 71 72 43 / 57

The extension rate will then be communicated to you

The extension of the contract cannot exceed the expiration date of the vehicle's registration certificate.

Can I buy my car?

You have the option to buy back the TT vehicle for yourself, a friend, or a family member under favorable conditions that take into account the duration of use under the Temporary Transit regime (Peugeot and Renault only).

To find out the remaining amount to be paid at least 15 days before the end of your contract, we invite you to contact the manufacturers. You will find all the necessary information on this page.. ⬇️

The access conditions for TT
What areas are covered by the insurance ?

The contract offers, in all the covered European countries, a comprehensive and deductible-free insurance policy that includes the following guarantees:

  • Misfueling
  • Civil liability of the driver (including towards passengers carried free of charge)
  • Vehicle fire
  • Vehicle theft (subject to police report)
  • Glass breakage
  • Damage to the vehicle from all accidents, including vandalism (subject to police report)
  • Legal protection
  • Tire puncture
  • Driver's guarantee

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